Give Your Sweetheart a Do-It-Yourself SPA Day at Home (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day)

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This year, it took me weeks to think about what to give my girlfriend for her birthday.

Clothes? No, because I’m not good at choosing them. Cosmetics? I really don’t know anything about them. Taking a bracelet seemed too commonplace. Also the budget was quite limited.

I really didn’t know what to give her.

The days passed and the birthday was approaching. Time was running out and ideas were scarce. Then one evening, while we were watching a movie together, I started scritching her head. After a while she said: “if for my birthday you give me an hour like this, I will be more than happy!” And so I had the idea: for his birthday I could have improvised a SPA in my house and dedicate my best attention to her.

A gift that would have been in my style: unique, personalized and felt by the heart.

Thus was born the idea of the “Farneti SPA: Health & Beauty”

All that is necessary:

  • Body care:
    • Body moisturizer
    • Moisturizing cream for face, hands and feet
    • Almond or coconut oil (for massages)
  • Bath:
    • Perfumed bubble bath
    • Bath salts
    • Rough sponge (exfoliating)
  • Environment:
    • A house with a bathtub
    • Candles: normal and perfumed
    • Environmental aromas
    • Towels
  • Extra:
    • White wine and two goblet glasses.
    • Stereo sound system for the music
    • A wicker basket (or a similar container) to hold all the SPA products

First Step: Preparation of the Basket

Basket filled with candles, creams, perfumes: everything needed for the SPA day at home

To present the gift I thought it was nice to put all the products (creams, candles, etc.) in a suitable container. I chose a wicker basket because I had that, but any aesthetically pleasing container can be fine.

I took care of the layout, putting the highest products behind and the lower ones in front.

Moreover, in the choice of products, I looked for packages that had about the same colors, in order to make the basket even more aesthetic.

To finish it all, you can wrap it with a sheet of transparent plastic and place a gift ribbon on it.

Second Step: Brochure Preparation (optional)

The brochure i made for my girlfriend gift
The brochure I made: my surname is the name of the SPA

To make it clear that the products in the basket would have been accompanied by baths, massages, etc. … I created a brochure in which I transformed my home into a wellness center. I called the SPA with my surname (Farneti) and I put all the services included in it: relaxing baths, massages, dinners, and so on.

The brochure folds into three parts. I downloaded the template from the Internet and modified it with Word, so I printed it double-sided on glossy paper.

You can find free templates here:

Instead at this link you can download the template I used.

If you are not practical, you can instead create a simple greeting card in which you introduce your gift.

Terzo Step: Allestire i Servizi della SPA

a relaxing bath, with candles and white wine

You are the only employee of your home SPA, so you will have to take care of everything:

  1. Set up the rooms
  2. Do the treatments

The environments:

The bathroom must be prepared properly to be as comfortable as possible. For a day, hide from the furniture everything that is not functional to your home SPA (toothbrushes, razors, etc. …), place a towel on the toilet to hide it, and place some candles on the edges of the tub and on the sink (I recommend a small dish underneath, otherwise the wax will run out and the underlying surface will be ruined by heat).

The same procedure can also be done in the bedroom and/or in the living room (or any other room involved in your homemade SPA): reorganize the room and light a few candles.

The music is essential to create the right atmosphere. It takes relaxing music, not too low or too high, but a constant presence in the background.

My favorite playlists (youtube):
Timber – a chill mix
Relaxing Jazz Music
Luxury Spa Bath Time

Lighting is essential: in addition to candles, keep only a soft light in any room. If it is still daylight outside, lower the blinds to make some shadows.

The treatments / services:

After preparing the rooms, it’s time to get down to business. In a home spa, without going too crazy, you can basically do 3 things:

Prepare a warm bath:

Open the hot water tap inside the tub, after a while add the bubble bath and bath salts, wait for the water to reach the desired level, et voilà, the hot bath with bubbles is ready! If the tub is big enough, it is possible to sit in two inside it. The ideal is to start by immersing your partner by the feet (to get her used to hot water). Then after 10-15 minutes to relax, take an exfoliating sponge and pass it over her whole body (another 10 minutes). Finally open the tank cap, then rinse the remaining bubble bath from her/him body.

Doing massages:

There are many guides around the web and several books on the subject, and I’m not an expert masseur. So it’s better if you do a Google search, or go to Amazon or the bookstore and buy a book on the subject.

Because of the little experience I have, I can identify (and recommend) 3 different types of massages:

Relaxing massage: on shoulders/neck, back, hands and face. Massage the skin without excessive pressure, moving along the muscles and nerves.

Muscle massage: aimed at relieving muscle tension. In this case the pressure must be strong and always exercised along the muscular bands. To do on shoulders, arms, buttocks and legs.

Plantar massage: concentrated on the soles of the feet, always to be done along the muscle bands. The pressure can be mild, to make a relaxing massage, or a strong one, to relieve muscle tension.

For all these types of massages, I recommend using almond or coconut oil to reduce friction and nourish the skin.

Prepare a face mask:

Consiglio di seguire la guida a questo link ->

Cooking (extra):

Later I will write an article on how to prepare a healthy aperitif and a romantic dinner, to accompany the treatments of your SPA. In the meantime, search on the internet or improvise with what comes to mind. Cooking (extra):


Whatever are your skills in the activities you offer in your home SPA, I’m sure your partner will appreciate.

Also because, in the end, what matters when you’re in love it’s spending time together, without distractions

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