How To Avoid The Biggest Regrets in Life – 12 Tips

I am young (at the time I’m writing this) and I am fascinated by people’s regrets.

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Don’t get me wrong, I do not like others having regrets (and this is why I’m writing this blog post), but I consider important to learn from the mistakes and the advice of those who have more experience than me (or you).

So first I started searching the Web for regrets of people around the World, then I wanted to know what were the regrets of my older friends and family members.

I also made some “interviews”, then I put together all the information I had gathered.

Something useful came out of it: a list of avoidable regrets from people all over the world.

I learned really important things, that I want to share with you now.

Be ready for some good advices. If you follow them, you’ll be able to avoid the biggest regrets in life (or at least most of them)


Spend time with your loved ones

1. Work Less
Career is important, but you should avoid working too much at the expense of family and friendships. Find the right balance. It’s not easy, many people regret having worked so long and spent little time with their loved ones. Today, get home early and spend some quality time with your family, or go out with your friends

2. Stay in touch with good friends (this is one of the biggest regrets people have)
There’s usually one childhood or high school friend who we were best buddies with. Then someone moved away. At first you both stayed in touch, but then your busy life made you seen each other less and less.
Go get a coffee with your old friend

3. Do more travelling with family/friends
Group travelling is an amazing experience, and it’s even better if done with your loved ones. Going to Disneyland, Rome, or even to the lake/seaside always leave good memories. Go and schedule a trip with your family/friend

4. Burying the hatchet with a family member or old friend
We can’t always get along with everyone in life, and sometimes misunderstandings make us move away from each other. But at some point the conflict reason loses its meaning: you have to put the controversies aside and make peace.
I have heard about many people that regret not having made peace with a member of their family/friend, or to have done it too late.
Pick up the phone and call your dad/uncle/brother to make peace

5. Do more for others
I’ve heard countless wishes from people who dreamed of making a difference through kindness. Knowing that you have left the world better than you found it is a great satisfaction when you are about to leave this Earth.
Small actions that seem trivial to you can be very helpful to other people: whenever you have the chance, help someone.

6. Teach things to your son/daughter, spend time with them
Sometimes quantity is as important as quality (example: parenting). When we were children, we have learned almost everything by miming our parents. So if you don’t spend time doing things with your children, you take away from them the opportunity to learn from you.

Be Fearless

7. Stand Up Bullies (in school and life)
Many of us have had to deal with bullies at school. Many of us now have to face many bullies at work or in everyday life. Many of us regret not having been able to deal with such individuals.
Don’t let anyone get to you, never!

8. Live your life (not you parents one)
Doing what you believe makes your parents happy is one of the best ways to develop regrets. I’m not gonna talk about it. This story is so widespread that it is now a stereotype. Study what you want and apply for your dream job. Get rid of external influences

9. Have the courage to get up and talk at an important event
Some people are more afraid of public speaking than dying. But I think that when you are close to leaving this World, you’re probably going to wish you’d gotten the courage to speak at certain events, such as the marriage of your friend or the funeral of one of your loved ones.
Take that microphone and speak, no one is going to judge you negatively.

10. Don’t worry about what others think
Worrying about what others think it’s the cause of many regrets. Most people in their old age, realize that others people opinion is irrelevant.
Do what you think is right and do not care about what others think of you.

Face your fears and take more risks: these two things alone, if applied, will save you half the regrets.

11. Take care of your health
It’s never too late to take care of your health, even if you’re in you 80’s. But everyone, at some point in life, regrets not having adopted a more healthy lifestyle, that would allow him to live life at best.
Do not wait for a big health problem to change unhealthy habits: stop eating junk food/sweets, start exercising. NOW.

At the end…. Enjoy Life

Most people regretted the time they wasted worrying about things beyond their control. They didn’t realize they were capable of choosing fun and happiness until it was too late. Don’t take life so seriously, or you won’t enjoy it at all. Take a little time each day to appreciate what is around you, have fun, LIVE LIFE!

So you wanted to know how to avoid the biggest regrets in life?



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