Give Your Sweetheart a Do-It-Yourself SPA Day at Home (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day)

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The cat is optional

This year, it took me weeks to think about what to give my girlfriend for her birthday.

Clothes? No, because I’m not good at choosing them. Cosmetics? I really don’t know anything about them. Taking a bracelet seemed too commonplace. Also the budget was quite limited.

I really didn’t know what to give her.

The days passed and the birthday was approaching. Time was running out and ideas were scarce. Then one evening, while we were watching a movie together, I started scritching her head. After a while she said: “if for my birthday you give me an hour like this, I will be more than happy!” And so I had the idea: for his birthday I could have improvised a SPA in my house and dedicate my best attention to her.


Resilience: Be Reborn from The Difficulties of Life

Resilience: Overcoming Difficulties and Becoming Stronger
Resilience: Overcoming Difficulties and Becoming Stronger

Sooner or later in life, everyone finds themselves in a traumatic and suffering situation. There are extreme circumstances (the death of a son, a serious illness, etc…), but there are more “simple” and daily ones, like losing your job, having economic problems or breaking up with your partner, all things that become a source of discomfort, so that the person who suffer thinks that his life no longer makes sense.

However, each of us have the innate ability to face adversity and overcome it, as well as to adapt to the new situation that is created. This ability to face traumatic events is called resilience.


The Power of Positive Perspective

This thought about the positive perspective was sent to me by a little friend, who in his way of writing and reasoning shows many more years than he has.

His name is James Dignan and on instagram he is called @will2beme (What Is Like 2 Be Me), go and follow him because he deals with very interesting topics of life. After this preface, I’m leaving you to James’s brief writing, good reading!

The Power of Positive Perspective


How To Avoid The Biggest Regrets in Life – 12 Tips

I am young (at the time I’m writing this) and I am fascinated by people’s regrets.

the biggest regrets in life notebook article cover

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like others having regrets (and this is why I’m writing this blog post), but I consider important to learn from the mistakes and the advice of those who have more experience than me (or you).

So first I started searching the Web for regrets of people around the World, then I wanted to know what were the regrets of my older friends and family members.

I also made some “interviews”, then I put together all the information I had gathered.

Something useful came out of it: a list of avoidable regrets from people all over the world.

I learned really important things, that I want to share with you now.

Be ready for some good advices. If you follow them, you’ll be able to avoid the biggest regrets in life (or at least most of them)