The Power of Positive Perspective

This thought about the positive perspective was sent to me by a little friend, who in his way of writing and reasoning shows many more years than he has.

His name is James Dignan and on instagram he is called @will2beme (What Is Like 2 Be Me), go and follow him because he deals with very interesting topics of life. After this preface, I’m leaving you to James’s brief writing, good reading!

The Power of Positive Perspective

Life is not easy and it doesn’t get easier as you go on, you just get stronger. There are going to be times when life pushes you to your absolute limit, attacks your weak spots and kicks you when your down. This is not because life is horrible and meant to make you miserable, but rather because life is beautiful and meant to make you stronger. When you are faced with an obstacle you can choose to waste time by complaining and being unhappy that it is there and then figure out a way to get around it. Or you can be grateful to even be alive and have an opportunity to be challenged and hurdle it. In the end the obstacle is not going anywhere and you have to get over it, but there are different ways to go about overcoming that obstacle. It is all a matter of perspective, one of the most important things everyone in this world has.

The power of positive perspective is immeasurable. When used properly it can truly save lives, and I know this because it saved my life.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and it can make life seem impossible at times. And truthfully I have gone through some really dark times. I have cut my wrists, (once even on my 16th birthday), I have thought about and nearly committed suicide on multiple occasions, spent time in teen psychiatric units and along the way I have ruined many great relationships.

Now that may sound like a poor me story but it certainly isn’t, as long as you have a positive perspective.

I truly feel I am blessed to have gone through such tough times as a teenager because I am still only 16 years old now and I was not nearly as happy and mature before going through this as I am now. I havent self harmed in over 6 months, I have not been in a hospital with depression and suicide related issues since my birthday (8/27/18) and I am genuinely happy.

I have grown so much through these experiences, I have been able to help many of my peers struggling with depression simply using positive perspective. And I did lose some good friends and my girlfriend in the process, but it has taught me to value the friends I have now even more and made me a better friend to those who decided to stick with me when times got rough.

I am only months removed from the most depressing time in my life and now I love myself, the person I have become and I look forward to tomorrow. My life has way more obstacles now then before when I was suicidal everyday, but I am more happy now because I have a positive perspective. I don’t allow negative circumstances to dictate my outlook or attitude anymore, that is the key.

In conclusion, being happy is a choice, what will you choose?

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